What is Claw?

Claw is a development system that consists of a multiplatform assembler, high level programming language and a platform specific virtual machine that runs from Arduino Uno's with just 2 KB of RAM to Intel i7's with many gigabytes of RAM.
Claw supports them ALL, stays binary compatible and still uses all platform specific resources and capabilites.

Development state

The virtual machine is about half-way done, the assembler is almost done and the compiler is not yet started.
I just finished the preprocessor of the Assembler (Clawsemble) and pushed the changes and uploaded a compiled binary for testing here.
If you can program and don't have much to do, please help, that'd be awesome!

If you want to get the latest updates, feel free to have a look at the development forum topic.



A reference for Clawsemble is available on it's wiki on GitHub.